Detroit Standup 450pxHistory: Official Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame Museum:

Founded in 2010 by Entrepreneur/Music Historian and Player/Coach of the World Fabulous Harlem Clowns, LaMont “ShowBoat”  Robinson. The Official Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame Museum has hosted award induction ceremonies since 2013. The Official Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame has gain national and international recognition, inducted over 100 superstars of rhythm & blues music. From the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin to the King of Pop Michael Jackson.


 Mission: Official Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame Museum:

The mission of the Official Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame Museum will retain and honor the legacy of rhythm & blues music and preserve the history of rhythm & blues music.

The Official Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame Museum, is incorporated in the State of Michigan as a non-profit organization for the purpose of:

  • Establishing, administering and providing educational programs and entertainment services such as entertainment exhibitions, annual concerts and events dedicated to and in association of Rhythm & Blues Music.
  • Establishing, administering and promoting a Hall of Fame to honor and perpetuate the names and accomplishments of Artists, Establishments, Establishment Owners, Media Personalities, Songwriters, Record Companies, Managers, Agencies and all those whose dedication and contributions had an impact, influenced and brought lasting fame to rhythm & blues music.
  • Establishing and maintaining permanent archives for the collection and display of memorabilia related to the lives and accomplishments of those inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame and others who have been a part the industry throughout the years. Inductions are held annually.


Goal: Official Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame Museum:

The goal is to have a partnership with UAW-General Motors to build a 50,000 sq. ft. LEED certified, 3D, highly interactive state-of-the-arts, education permanent music hall of fame museum that will highlight and preserve the legacy of rhythm & blues music. The plan is to developed a partnership with the Detroit Pubic Schools System, this museum project will be education driven to tech DPS students how to read through music technology. We feel at the Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame Museum, if a youth picks up a instrument he or she want pick up a gun.

Each DPS student will have an ID card with the UAW-General Motors logo on the front and back. The ID card will be given to each DPS student that will allow entry into the museum free up to 3 times a year without being accompanied by their school officials.

  • Fieldtrips will be free to all DPS through out the school year.
  • The Official Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame Mobile Museum On Wheels will visit DPS schools thought out the school year as well as touring to other institutions to promote the brand.

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