R&B Music Hall of Fame Museum

The Official R&B Music Hall of Fame Museum is recognized as the one and only official institution that honors and memorializes the accomplishments of the many individuals and organizations that have contributed to the Rhythm and Blues genre. Our collection of artifacts and other objects of historical importance will be available for public viewing through permanent and temporary exhibits.

The Museum’s purpose is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and educate about the various aspects of the world of Rhythm and Blues Music. Artifacts and materials that we have collected and are collecting, are not only owned by the museum but are also borrowed and created for the various displays.

The museum collections and exhibition materials represent a wide variety of music history that will

55 (9)advance an understanding of this human experience. We will become a major resource and help foster an informed appreciation of the rich and diverse culture we live in. It is also incumbent upon us to preserve this inheritance for future generations. The Museum will also provide research, scholarships, publications, and